Check-In / Rozelle

Just a quick check-in before my final exam period kicks in! Yesterday Tiffany and I ventured to Rozelle Markets with a mental shopping list in mind, determined to get everything on the said list. Unbeknownst to us, the Surry Hills Markets were on yesterday as well (I didn't realise that it was June, let alone that it was the first Saturday of June!) which meant that the stalls were not on par with what we expected. 

Despite this, we had a great time riffling through racks of almost-there dresses and boxes of metallic junk. Head over to Tiffany's for the full post about our day-trip!

dirty mirror ootd | witchery floppy hat, ladakh mesh tee, lulu & rose cardi, minkpink 'leather'shorts, urban outfitters two-faced watch and sportgirl purse

chai + frappe at Piccolo's

see you soon!

Clear Sunglasses Case


I initially made this because I wanted to play around with the PVC I bought but it turned out pretty well so I decided to post it. Hence why I didn't document the earlier stages of the DIY. (:

 You will need:
Transparent PVC, I got a 0.5mm table top protector 
Seam pickers
Studs with screws

On paper draw a rough trapezium around the glasses and mirror the shape for the closing flap.
Add the side flaps by drawing two more trapeziums, both with a downward slope.
Finally draw the bottom flap which should be about half the height of the main panel. 

Cut out the template and make a mock case by folding the edges. Then trim any excess off if necessary. Tape the final template onto the PVC and then cut out.

Use the seam pickers or any thick needle and make a small hole where the black circles are.

 Fold over the side flaps and screw the stud bases through the holes as pictured.

 Screw the top studs onto the base.
Then fold the top flap over and use a hole punch to create a hole where the flap meets the stud.

A clear case for my clear sunnies!


Exams finished today and I was racking my brain for something to do, so I made a polyvore!
I've had it for 4 hours and I've made three already! All inspired by places I've never been to and clothes I can't afford. 

{sand, gelato, cream, festive, sun}

{balmy, rich, sydney, full moon, intense}

{motels, miami, palms, sport, heat}

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