Maps & Wanderlust

I've decided to branch out and post an interior DIY inspiration. I've always wanted to travel more and I have been lucky enough to go to Japan, Hong Kong, China and New Zealand in the past few years. These DIYs are perfect for mapping out past trips, future destinations and favourite cities. Oh the places you'll go!

Make a garland by cutting triangles out and stringing then onto coloured yarn | Cosa Verde

Use tacks to pin-point places you've been / or haven't
(This is actually an artwork called Places I Haven't Been | Evan Drolet Cook)

Embroider the trails you've hiked | Martha Stewart

A cute take on a boring map of the world | Brown Paper Packages

Cut a heart shape around your favourite places and frame it | Bombus (shop)
(PS How beautifully worn are those blue Pelican books?)

Collar Studs & Drape Chain


This was my inspiration which I've seen this floating around tumblr recently.
It's a bit gangsta and chic, a bit like LDR.
The skull is sewn on but I thought of a much less permanent and quicker way doing it.

You will need:
Any type of stud earrings, both from Lovisa (You could use pearl studs, diamonds, crosses, skulls!..)
Chain (I used an old bracelet which is the perfect length, approx. 18cm)
And a collared shirt
Pierce the collar with the stud earrings
Hook the chain onto the post
Secure the stud with an earring backing
And that's it!!

Here I swapped the studs for my favourite unicorn & cat studs.

March Purchases

Just a round up of some of the things I bought this month, with a few coming in the mail soon!
American Flag Sleeveless Blouse from Passion
(Paired with a Collar Necklace from H&M)

High-waisted vintage Wrangler corduroy shorts from C's Flashback

Dotty Knit from Dotti (haha)

I cut off all the dots because they looked a bit silly on me.
(The pink at the bottom is due to lighting but funnily enough, I think I will be dip-dying the bottom pink)
2 Half Moon Brooches from Cheap Monday at General Pants
(They were on sale for $6 each from $20, and when I got to the counter, they charged me $6 for the 2!! Turns out the accessories were buy one, get one free!)

My friend, Tiffany and I managed to basket $100 worth of stuff from American Apparel so we could get free shipping. I'm so excited, they should be coming soon!
I ordered the Liquid Copper Skirt from my Copper Tones post

and the Cities Bag from my Wishlist which I'm going to use as my uni bag!

Eyes on Jolet


I was watching The Project tonight and I couldn't take my eyes off Carrie's dress so I waited for the credits to find out the brand. Turns out it's from an Australian brand called Jolet, designed by Jolet Ucchino.

"Inspired by emotions, each collection is imbued with an intangible feeling or mood that is often contemplative and reflective. Motivated by this inner reflection and a search for the balance between artistic innovation and practicality, the label’s instinctual design process allows for creative freedom, giving each collection a sense of intelligent flirtation whilst being wearable.
Balancing masculine structural elements with softer, more feminine details by featuring tailored pieces juxtaposed by draped and delicate styles, the label is Australian made using the finest quality fabrics sourced locally and overseas, including silks, cottons, linens and wools,
Adding another facet, Jolet’s digital prints are impressed upon various fabrics and styles and have become a signature of the label, working to define the mood and ambiance of each collection."

AW 12 | Fashionising

SS 11/12 Jolet

Quiet Gradient

Dip dye and ombre seem like trends that are going to hang around for a while but I've recently been liking a much more subtle and smooth transition between the colours.

From Sara Maia

Tiny Cross Earrings

I love DIYs that honestly take about a minute and are wearable instantly.
Here is the easiest earring DIY ever!
You will need:
Cross Charms
Shepherd Hooks
(Pliers if needed, I usually use my fingers)

Remove the jump ring from the charms and open the shepherd hook

Loop the cross through and close the hook.

Here are other charms I've turned into earrings:
The double pyramids were from a necklace and the tooth-like charms were from a pop-up bead store.

2 New Necklaces (Without the Commitment!)

Part I
You will need:
Simple collar necklace
Hollywood Tape
50cm of ribbon (I used 1cm wide navy velvet ribbon)

Snip off a tiny bit of tape, stick it onto the ribbon and peel the backing off

Using the double-sided tape, stick it to the back of the collar

Wind the ribbon around the necklace

Use another piece of tape to secure the ribbon.
(Make sure the ends are hidden on the back of the necklace!)

And you're done!!

 Part II
Ages ago, I made this purply-maroon bow tie from a spare piece of velvet
(I hand-sewed a pillow-like rectangle with the velvet
then used a 1 cm thick piece of  the fabric, to create the bow shape)

I simply used another piece of double-sided tape to stick it onto the collar necklace.

 This has led me to wonder why we don't use Hollywood tape more? It's so versatile; it holds in place when it needs to and peels easily when you want to take it off! Wonder product? Yes.

Details to Hair

Headbands have definitely been around for too long so I'm excited that there has recently been more innovative hair accessories available e.g. turbans, feathers, chains.

And here are just some of my favourites that I hope to see more of:
Chanel Fall 2011

Ear Cuff & Comb from ASOS

Cross Crown from Topshop

Look at the way the light reflects off her neck!