Update + Urban Outfitters Haul

I know I haven't blogged for 5 days which is terrible of me since I'm on holidays and I have so much time on my hands. I actually have 3 DIYs which I've been planning to do but I've been lazy watching movies, crappy daytime tv; and knitting! I've also been scouring the net for home decors and jewelry storage which lead me to discover Urban Outfitter's Apartment section. I don't know why I never bothered searching there before because it's actually got the best things. There's free shipping to Australia (ends 2/7) which I had to take advantage of since shipping to Australia usually costs an arm and a leg.
Here's a round up of a few of the things I got:

I was searching for some astrology inspired jewelry storage and this ring stand popped up. It's not big enough to hold all my rings so it's going to be display my favourites.

 I love the metal lace cut out on these candle holders but I think I'll use it as a make up brush holder

This earring stand is a bit girly for my liking but I couldn't resist as it can hold so many pairs!!! 
Anyway there's nothing stopping me from spray painting it black. ;)

Some of you might recognise all the way from my Autumn Wishlist but I've finally decided to get it! I'm going to have to set the 2nd face to London time during the Olympics so I won't miss Tom Daley in action.

 This was a bit of a random purchase but it was $2.99! I love the neon and scuba material look, I regret not buying another one in the pink because now I have to decide whether this becomes my exercise crop or my layering top. 

This was actually my brother's purchase (how trendy of him) but I'm definitely going to steal this on days I feel a bit boyish.

I still need to go thrifting for more vintage storage pieces, make curtains, go to ikea for frames and possibly get an add-on shelf for my desk! So to whoever asked me on tumblr ages ago to do a room tour, I haven't forgotten about you!! I will try to get that done and up when this all arrives and I've done redecorating. :)

Copper DIYs

 I drove (yesss) to Bunnings the other day and I found more wicked copper plumbing bits. The whole lot only cost me about $5 which amazing since they're so different to what's available at the usual craft stores and I have 3 DIYs using them.

 The compression olives (I'm guessing that's what they're called) were about $3 and it came in a pack of 10; 5 copper rings and 5 nylon rings.

 The 20mm pack is the perfect size for your fingers and since there are so many they're stackable!

 For the capillary elbow, I just chucked it on a black ribbon. I think it's the perfect piece on a plain white top or for layering with other necklaces.

 Since the capillary tee is such a unique piece, I thought that it would be a great foundation for a statement necklace. 

 I first slid the tee onto a gold chain and then pulled the chain through the bottom of the tee.

 I found the middle of the chain; very important otherwise your necklace will be lopsided! and then used a jump ring to loop a rose pink tassel onto the chain.

 The finished product of the tee necklace against my very dirty wall. 
Obviously you can use any coloured tassel but I think the pink and the copper go very well together. 

And there we have 3 DIYs for next to nothing!

Bracelet Clutch

I'm actually in LOVE with these clutches with the cuff and chain. I think they look mycket cool and are much more reliable on a night out (they look pretty thief-proof). 
The sleek Zara one with the square cuff is my favourite but these are all definitely DIY-able. 
I think we can finally we can get rid of those horrible 90s-looking clutch straps! 

Victoria Wristlet Clutch | CC SKYE

Bracelet Clutch | Zara

More Collars

Collars + Square Studs + Chain (+ Thread & Needle) = Best collars I've seen yet

Starry Studs

I've officially finished my very first semester at uni! I'm absolutely over the moon and now I've got an amazing 6 weeks off so I'll be posting a lot more (hopefully)
And finally here's a new super quick, super easy DIY; galaxy-inspired starry studs!!

 You will need:
Plain black stud earrings ($4 from diva)
Glitter nail polish; blue & silver

 Paint the studs with the silver glitter polish; it's important to not use too much because it can 'overflow' and take forever to dry

 And after that's dried, repeat with the blue glitter.
When that's finished drying, clean up the edges with nail polish remover.

 F√§rdig!! (Just practicing my Swedish haha)

A Big Ramble

Today I did NOTHING I planned to do. 
My to-do list included writing up half my marketing notes, doing three practice statistic papers and summarising my contract laws notes. Instead I watched crappy daytime tv, did nothing productive internet-wise and made a tiramisu. (This technically counts as a DIY right? It's Gordon Ramsay's recipe, or so the site says... link here it's a winner)

So as per usual, I went on my daily routine of checking all my favourites' blogs and I saw Love Aesthetics's LIFE | Good Fucking (Design) Advice post! The people at Good Fucking Design Advice have been giving advice to designers since 2010 but being a first year uni student without the comfort of being spoon-fed notes by my high school teachers, I felt that their advice applies just as much. 

They support abandoning fear, trusting in yourself, honoring and supporting others, not procrastinating (ha!) and raising the standards. I feel that all the above are applicable in my studies and my everyday life in general. This year I've forced myself to start conversations with complete strangers in my lectures (something that going to a tiny all-girl school didn't prepare me for), made myself go to every single class (whether I slept in them or not isn't important hahah) and gave myself much higher standards than I had back in high school (no more "don't worry they'll scale us up"). I know I didn't do much today, I feel that this year I've begun to pick myself up and started to balance my life out. I don't know what happened, maybe there's something about being 18... 

I know finals are near (or now for us unlucky ones), so if you're feeling sluggish or unmotivated like I did today, print out their pledge for some Helvetica-fonted empowerment!

Coin Rings

I saw these beautiful coin rings and I wondered how on earth they're made. I did a quick search and turns out with the right tools and some patience, they're DIY-able!
Or you could check them out here

DIY Boot Camp

I haven't been able to really DIY because exams are looming (this saturday in fact!!!) but I've found some DIY inspiration which can help revive some old boots for this winter.
Depending on the material of your boots, you could either dip the top in bleach (if it's a canvas-y material) or sponge-paint the boot black( if it's more of a plastic-y / leather material)

Hand painted doc martens + ribbon laces

Primark Boots | Jennie From The Blog
And finally these are my favourite; chain looped around the ankle of biker boots!