'Button' Rings

 My laptop is still in a coma but I really wanted to get a post out before my uni week began again. I went to Lincraft on the weekend and spotted these interesting buttons so I made them into rings. 

 You will need:
Buttons; I found this cool crescent moon button and this silver stamp button which had this hieroglyphic kind of symbol
Ring bases; a gold and a silver to match the buttons

 Use the pliers to remove the button loops. If the loops don't come off clean, you may need to use a nail file or rough sandpaper to smooth it down.

 Simply superglue the ring bases onto the buttons and your rings are good to go!

Closing Ceremony

Right now I've resorted to using my brother's laptop after two nights of my laptop, phone and the wifi taking turns at failing to cooperate. I'm finally watching the London 2012 Closing Ceremony and if you've seen my twitter I'm basically overcome with emotion despite NOT being British, nor have I even been to Britain! The Olympics have basically made me regret not pursuing a sport further and it's made me feel like a major underachiever haha
I can't believe that the London Olympics have come and gone so quickly. I still remember thinking, during the Beijing Games at the age of 14, that I would've finished my HSC by the time London 2012 rolled around. It all seemed forever away but now it's all over! Moving on from my sad life and sopping reminiscing, my highlights definitely have to be the models in the golden gowns, the Spice Girls, Russell Brand, (One Direction!) and when the amazing Alessandra Ambrosio came out to represent Brazil. 

 I just had to have an Olympic post on my blog.
and I'm not sure when I can get back onto my computer so posts may be delayed for the time being.

So here's some amazing Brits in beautiful gowns and bring on Rio 2016!!
Kate Moss of course

Karen Elson

Georgia May Jagger (My favourite dress!)

Naomi Campbell
Nick Knight for British Vogue

Glebe & Surry Hills Markets


 On Saturday my friend, Tiff and I re-visited Glebe Markets and then checked out the monthly Surry Hills Markets for the very first time! At Glebe I got this amazing secondhand black American Apparel cape for $35. I love the letterman jacket-style snap buttons down the front and the in-built pockets just before the slit openings. I know we're nearing the end of winter but I'm sure I'll still be able to wear it next year.

 At Glebe also, I spotted this silver double skull bangle on a table full of amazing pieces of jewelry. I got this $5 which was half of what I was expecting.
My only regret was not getting more from this stall!

 After Glebe, we walked (yes!) to the monthly Surry Hills Markets in Shannon Reserve. I loved the atmosphere; everyone was effortlessly cool, from the hip parents with their kids to the typical Eastern suburb teens. The stalls were mostly selling one-off second-hand / vintage clothes and homewares. 

And finally I snagged this wolf tee from a $10 stall selling an enormous amount of Miss Brown Vintage-style dresses & shirts. I'm quite pleased that I never forked out $40 for one at General Pants because they're really quite overpriced!

I definitely recommend Glebe & Surry Hills Markets as a great way to kick start a lazy weekend. (And if you're craving gozleme, get it at surry hills markets ;) )
The next Surry Hills Markets will be held Saturday 1st September.

Louis Vuitton SS12 Hair

I remember when Gossip Girl first came out about 4 or 5 years ago, I absolutely loved Blair Waldorf's style, (bitchiness) and her endless collection of headbands. Because jewelry wasn't allowed at school and my ears weren't pierced (wuss), I began buying headbands, ribbons and DIYing them until I ultimately got sick of them. 

But recently I've been getting back into hair accessories in the form of floral pieces like this Pearled Daisy Chain and this Gold Petal Plated Rose Headband which I wore to Lana Del Rey (I might do a post later) and I haven't taken off since!
Similarly to those floral hair bands, these Louis Vuitton diamante headbands are so beautifully delicate. 

I really admire the detail of the nude bra strap-like bands. I think they're supposed to prevent unsightly lumps and bumps but they look so much classier than the usual cheap black elastic you get. I'm sure you can whip this up with some diamante trim and nude elastic, and then use it to finish off a soft textured bun.