En Pointe

Daria Shoes | Monki

Chloe Ecru Ballerina Flats | ssense

The staple ballet flats have been inspired by actual ballerinas now, more than ever. They have returned to the  nude pink with Monki's flats looking like pointe shoes and Chloe adding an elasticised crisscross ribbon.
And I'm loving them!

White Roses


During this VC Week, I've been spending a lot of time cleaning, re-organising and decorating my room. I decided that I need some more grown-up touches, so I made this white bouquet & vase display. I only chose white as it matched my cream coloured room but I saw some beautiful fake black & dark red roses which would look good in a living room space. (Also this is a 100% budget DIY, it cost me $20 altogether and I got most of it from one home store)

 You will need:
A vase
2 x 1m ribbon in complimenting colours

 2 matching bunches of fake white roses

 1 bunch of fake assorted white flowers
1 fake fern

 You'll need to spread the individual stems apart to make the bouquet look bigger & more lush

 I noticed that the leaves were all over the place so I pushed them all as high as they would go so more of the green will poke out from the vase

 You can start the arranging!
I put the two matching bunches in first

 Followed by the assorted one out at the front and the fern right at the back to frame the whole display

 I finished off the display with a bow.
I looped the two ribbons so I'll have a two toned bow.

 (Back view)

To create the perfect bow, the trick is to do the bow upside down

 So I pulled the white ribbon from under the pink ribbon (instead of over like how you would normal tie your shoelaces)

Trim the ends of the ribbon (details, details!) 
Done! I love how the ribbon matches my perfumes (purely accidental!)

Neck Envy

Gold Triangle Point Collar Necklace | LittleDirtyDish's Etsy

Gold & Silver Collar Bib | The Fashion Outsider

Peter Pan Skull Chain Collar Bib | FrancisFrank's Etsy

Best $6 I Have Ever Spent

I visited my local Vinnies today and I'm so pleased with what I managed to get for only $6!!
I think Vinnies is my favourite op shop because unlike the other ones, their prices haven't been hiked up recently.

I got one half of an yin yang ring for $1. I love it because it didn't come with the other half which makes me wonder who has it? 

For $2, I got 2 raw chunks of Brazilian amethyst complete with it's own display box and protective sponge.

I've thrown it into my tiny shrine along with my candles, teal thunderegg and polished quartz.
(I got the sugar rose tigerlily candle from MOR for $15 at Myer, it's smells absolutely amazing!)

And the most expensive item was this $3 jar which I suspect was once a lolly jar. It's perfect for all my nailpolishes; now I don't have to scrounge around looking for them.

Nothing I Needed

Despite going shopping with a list of things I actually need; DIY supplies, black slippers & plain shirts...
I forgot that shops closed at 5pm on Saturdays so I didn't have time to properly shop and ended up leaving with these:
 I have seen a few evil eye rings in random shops but they all seem a little off. I hardly ever go to Diva but I popped in and found this perfect ring.
Keeping with the minimalist trend I got these stackable rose gold rings which came in a pack of 10 from Sportsgirl.

And they are a perfect match for my rusted plumbing tubes.

 I finally bought something from Lush!!! They opened in my area in November last year but today I found the time to chat and try some products.

 I ended up buying a solid shampoo called Seanik; Softening sea salt shampoo with jasmine, mimosa and orange blossom. Many of our planet’s most potent nutrients come from the deep blue sea. Lush has them brought ashore to create an ocean blue bar with protein-rich Irish moss seaweed, Japanese nori seaweed and sea salt to leave your hair soft and full of body. We added lemon oil for extra shine, and the exotic far eastern fragrance of mimosa and jasmine to bathe you in the heady scent of tropical flora.

And an exfoliating body butter called Aqua Mirabilis; Our miraculous underwater massage bar for bodies. This glorious spa-in-a-bar is Helen’s underwater massage bar with exfoliating ground almond shells mixed into a big bar of perfumed, moisturising oils. Use it in the bath or the shower and you will give your skin the treat of a lifetime.

I bought my 2nd ever MAC lipstick! It is a matte lipstick called Please Me. I really liked Saint Germain but I knew it was too bubblegum, too bright for me. So I asked for the next best thing. 
The assistant initially recommended Speed Dial but it was darker than my own lip colour and I wanted something lighter and less red. So I tried on Please Me and it was my lip colour only pinker and nicer which is basically the effect I wanted from Saint Germain. 

 It looks more like this (: 

Leather Tube Necklaces


These leather tube necklaces are very simple yet chic. Not sure how to make them with leather but I think you can get a less professional DIY version by rolling up some jersey fabric into a tube.
These are from a Chinese website so I'm a bit lost in translation but you can check them out here

And here's something a little similar from Lana Del Rey from a Spanish Vogue Forum

Glebe Markets & Salvos


I have to admit, when I first saw pictures of people wearing camo, I was horrified that this trend was coming back; I was a firm believer that camo print should stay in the 90s. But as you can see, I've developed a liking for it and I snagged this for $15 at Glebe Markets because if this really makes a come back, I'd much rather not pay for  $70 jacket for a generic one. ;)

A dusty pink granny knit from Salvos for $15. 
I've been looking for really nice knits and this is the perfect size; it's baggy but not too long for me. I also absolutely love this grey-pink colour and it's in perfect condition without any pilling at all.

A sparkly silver v-neck tee from Salvos for $10.
I don't usually go for tees like this at all but I kept on going back to the rack to look at it so I eventually thought, why not?
Also check out the clothing tag!! It's so cool and reminds me of contemporary Asian artworks but I wish they showed the name of the label.

Quick Trip to Glebe Markets

I finally got around to going to Glebe Markets because it was very close to my exam centre today. It had a pretty chill vibe with heaps of hip looking 20 year olds sitting in circles, smoking mysterious substances.
The gold chain necklace is too nice!!

A crappy photo of these genuine worn doc martens. Too bad they were too big for me.

Graphic shirts for the boys.

Amazingly detailed one-off leather purses

Creepy evil-eye bracelets

The delicious hand-made candles by Tanya at Squink! There was cinnamon vanilla, strawberry shortcake, coconut & lime... They are all unique with some in plain tumblers, some in crystal and some in these beautiful teacups. She told me that the melted soy wax can be used as massage oil or hand moisturiser; I can still smell the perfume on my hand!!

An amazing metal coin-purse kinda-like pouch, shame the clasp sprung back open everytime I tried to close it. 

I buy too many useless gems; I have polished amethyst, quartz and a blue thunderegg sitting on my desk. But that didn't stop me from buying another two of the turquoise/purple gems.

(A really bad photo of) Pipes!

My pine-lime-ade, hand-shaken in a cocktail mixer!

I bought 2 tiny candles from Squink; creme brulee for $4 & lychee bomb for $5. I really wanted to buy a teacup one but they were too heavy for me to carry home. ):