Winter Wishlist

Due to lack of inspiration and the fact that it's 31st of May, I decided to do my, now seasonal, wishlist!!
I'm really excited for winter, (snow please?) but I'm definitely not looking forward to all the assessments, presentations and my finals which will drain the life out of me over the next 2 weeks.
My posts will slow down between now and then but I have an amazing 6 weeks off after that so I will definitely make it up.
Sylvie Wool Coat | Forever New

Mirabelle Fur Stole Coat | Forever New

Floral Blazer | Topshop

Silent Smoke Leggings | Lovely Sally

Annie Shopper | Marcs

Union Jack Wellies | Topshop
In celebration on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee of course

And aside from all these also I'm loving the blouses and bag by H&M for Water and these black pair Jellybeans...
Inappropriate for Australia right now but perfect for all you who are welcoming summer.

American Apparel Triangle Coin Purse

I saw this leather coin purse on American Apparel and I was blown away by the price, the simplicity and the uniqueness. 
The images on the site can basically double as DIY instructions. All you'll need is a piece of scrap leather and snap closures. Leather is difficult to find and very expensive here in Sydney so I wouldn't mind pay the little $8 for the actual AA one. And since there's a proper AA section in Myer now, I easily go suss out for one without having to trek to Paddington!

P.S. If you can find a lot of material, you could use the same idea, but make a big triangle clutch too!


I've got a trip to the hairdressers in a month-ish(?), I know it's a long time away but better to be prepared right?
I've been growing out my fringe and "layers" for a least a year now but the other day I realised that I can't even remember what I did it for. It's so straight and boring; it actually has no shape. I'm really liking Lara Bingle and Miranda Kerr's tousled medium length hair here. But I don't think I do well with a middle parting, tried it, hated it (on me, well at the time my face was round...), got over it. But maybe I can give it another go? Also I don't know how well I can handle the chop.. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Miranda Kerr | Got Celeb
I also love how good she looks with highlights; I would probably look like I was still stuck in the 90s with that.

I know this was a bit of an odd post, but I think it's much easier to think clearly when you thoughts are down in print, don't you?
And just for DIYs sake, Miranda's cropped knit can definitely be DIYed with some snipping and some sewing ;)


I'm sorry I've been changing my blog layout almost every few weeks. I've never really been happy with them but this one is here to stay!
Credits go to | Cilla | who has finally gotten back on the blogging train. Check her out, her blog is definitely worthy of a click, a follow and a permanent bookmark.

Halo Cross Necklace

I was browsing Shop W.A.S. (their stuff is too cool for me) and I stumbled across this necklace and I thought I'd do my own take on it with what I've got.
Halo Necklace | Shop W.A.S.

You will need:
A long chain (I've got 2 tiny jump rings on the end)
A large jump ring (or key ring hoop, I find them a lot easier to use)
A cross charm (and another jump ring!)

Simply loop the chain onto the ring

.... and the cross charm too!

Too easy. (:

Cross Collars

Stitching crosses in the collar tips? Easy. 

You will need:
Denim shirt (I used a jacket)

 I threaded black thread through the needle and double knotted the loose ends. I then started sewing from behind the collar and diagonally across.

 From underneath, I completed the cross and I went over it again to make it more noticeable.

 I then double knotted the thread behind the collar and snipped of the extra.

This honestly took me less than 5 mins. I think I'm going to get myself some denim button downs and go a bit nuts. :)

Motel & Something Else from Fashion Weekend

After a competition, a win and an awesome friend; I got a free ticket to Fashion Weekend which is basically a weekend of major designer discounts including; ksubi, bec & bridge, miss brown vintage, shakuhachi, camilla & marc, ginger & smart, talulah, the cassette society etc
I blew most of my money on Motel Rocks & Something Else and I was pretty happy with what I got. But that was until my friend Tiff and I found the Miss Brown Vintage stall right at the back of the massive hall and basically broke down because we had no money left. Miss Brown had vintage animal tees, denim shirts, fur coats, bags, jackets... I wish we went there first!!!

Tears aside, here's just some quick snaps of what I got!

 River Forest Printed tee | Motel

 Galaxy Long Tank / Dress | Motel

 Warmest Knitted Jumper Dress | Motel
I'm not too sure about how to wear this though, pair with pleather leggings? Hmm

"Magic Floral Triangle" Tee | Something Else
I love the lilac so much!

 The Basic Frame in Quartz | Something Else
I got them for $50 and they're still selling for $180 on the General Pants site, score. 

Here's just a corduroy circle skirt my mom DIY-ed for me the other day. She hates me using her sewing machine because I'm absolutely hopeless.

Also if you didn't notice my instagram widget on the side, I finally got instagram! Follow me @newgold for some uni OOTDs and daily updates :)

Wall Art

 During my big clean out, I found a small pile of really pretty wrapping papers & posters I've had for a while. They're not big enough to cover books so I thought, why not turn them into wall art?

 I found these horribly painted canvases in my room. I probably thought I was really artistic when I was 10, I'm like a cross between Rothko and Pollock....

 Anyway, back to business! I cut out a piece of wrapping paper (it was the centerfold of an ancient issue of Yen) just about an inch frame around the canvas.

 I used the canvas itself to fold creases into the paper and I cut parallel to one side to create a flap.

 I folded the flap of the paper into the corner and over the height of the canvas. (It's a bit like wrapping a present)

 I originally was going to glue it all down, but I decided to just use lots of sticky tape so I can change it whenever I get sick of looks at the same prints.

Finished product!!

 Top Left: Brian Scweitzer quote from a Sportsgirl catalogue; "I challenge you to be dreamers; I challenger you to be doers and let us make the greatest place in the world even better"

Top Right: Ripped a page out of RUSSH; Irina shot by Stacey Mark

Bottom Left: Wallpaper from Yen

Bottom Right: Calendar print from an old issue of Frankie

This is just my favourite 

Gold 'n' Plate

 Basically died and ran to the checkout when I saw the hair cuff at Dotti.

I also got myself a new ring display plate from Typo! It's a map of Europe with the UK and Sweden! swoon.

White Room

Right now, I'm in the middle of cleaning up and reorganising my room. With the term "middle" used very lightly, as this is taking longer than I thought...

This is my rough remaining to-do list:
New necklace storage
Finally finishing my crane corner
Redo my wall posters
Trip to IKEA
Change of curtains

Call me boring, but I've noticed that lots of the pictures in my interior inspiration folder were based around white. Let's just call it classic, or timeless.