Louis Vuitton SS12 Hair

I remember when Gossip Girl first came out about 4 or 5 years ago, I absolutely loved Blair Waldorf's style, (bitchiness) and her endless collection of headbands. Because jewelry wasn't allowed at school and my ears weren't pierced (wuss), I began buying headbands, ribbons and DIYing them until I ultimately got sick of them. 

But recently I've been getting back into hair accessories in the form of floral pieces like this Pearled Daisy Chain and this Gold Petal Plated Rose Headband which I wore to Lana Del Rey (I might do a post later) and I haven't taken off since!
Similarly to those floral hair bands, these Louis Vuitton diamante headbands are so beautifully delicate. 

I really admire the detail of the nude bra strap-like bands. I think they're supposed to prevent unsightly lumps and bumps but they look so much classier than the usual cheap black elastic you get. I'm sure you can whip this up with some diamante trim and nude elastic, and then use it to finish off a soft textured bun.

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