With some of my relatives in HK right now, I took the opportunity to make the most of the exchange rate and now I've got a few goodies coming back for me in 10 days!

So excited for these two; officially they're my first two proper perfumes because the Tommy Girl my mom gave me doesn't really count does it?

H&M beanie - I've got a DIY planned for this one.

H&M Blue Panel & Faux Leather Bag - A uni bag for when I'm feeling a bit dressier than my go-to AA Cities bag.

H&M Waxed Denim Biker Jacket - Since summer is coming and I've never had a proper black biker jacket, I thought a thin denim one would be more appropriate than a leather, or even pleather one.

Zara Bomber Jacket - Light enough to carry around if you're out all day; I'm too excited for this one.

Also I went to Diva's Sample Sale in Brookvale on Saturday with the lovely Tiff and it was honestly the best sale I've ever been to. Stunning never-seen-before pieces going for $1 / $2, I got 25 pieces for $29 and I honestly wish I got more. 

Stocking up on neon, triangles, spikes, rose gold, perspex, skulls!!


  1. yay blog more please! n_n

  2. Whoah, looks like you scored big at that Diva sample sale, wish I could've gone.
    Cute blog x