Spring Wishlist

I'm writing this moments after I just finished my first ever 2000 word essay! My posting is erratic, I know but this semester has been a bit tougher than the last one. My mid semesters and several other assignments including another 3000 word essay are just around the corner but I wanted to share my week late Spring wishlist!!

(back view) Varisty Jacket by Ashish | Topshop
I love this self-deprecating jacket; it matches my sense of humour. I'm not a huge fan of the Gryffindor-ish colours (I always thought I would've been sorted in Ravenclaw haha) so I think I might just use this as a DIY inspiration.

Shine On Shorts | MINKPINK
Don't have the legs for this yet but...soon!

Meow Tank | MINKPINK

Short Charmeuse Gore Skirt | American Apparel

Plantlife Socks | HUF

Colour Block Bag | H&M

Dot | Marc Jacobs
A found a strip of this scent in my October vogue and it's amazing!! It's a sweet combination of vanilla, musk, jasmine, coconut, orange blossom, red berries, dragon fruit and honeysuckle.
I'm not too big on the packaging off the 50/100ml because I've never been a fan of red but sadly they're the only sizes I've seen in Sydney. The 30ml bottle is much more toned down and subtle but being a business student, I'm too busy thinking about which one is better, cost-wise. haha

This wishlist is rather sporty and I've also been eyeing the black Coltranes by Jeffrey Campbell which I think will be amaze Springtime + uni boot. After uni tomorrow, I think I might head to Myer and check out the Illamasqua counter. I haven't seen too much press about it, but they're recently reduced all their prices in Australia by about 35% so I'm keen to reward myself with something tomorrow.

And lastly, I just noticed that I hit 10,000 views which might not be a lot but it is amazing to me, especially since I've abandoned my blog on/off for a month now. So THANK YOU for putting up with me! And I think you're gonna have to bear with me for a little longer because my laptop isn't as fixed as it can be. :(

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