Update + Urban Outfitters Haul

I know I haven't blogged for 5 days which is terrible of me since I'm on holidays and I have so much time on my hands. I actually have 3 DIYs which I've been planning to do but I've been lazy watching movies, crappy daytime tv; and knitting! I've also been scouring the net for home decors and jewelry storage which lead me to discover Urban Outfitter's Apartment section. I don't know why I never bothered searching there before because it's actually got the best things. There's free shipping to Australia (ends 2/7) which I had to take advantage of since shipping to Australia usually costs an arm and a leg.
Here's a round up of a few of the things I got:

I was searching for some astrology inspired jewelry storage and this ring stand popped up. It's not big enough to hold all my rings so it's going to be display my favourites.

 I love the metal lace cut out on these candle holders but I think I'll use it as a make up brush holder

This earring stand is a bit girly for my liking but I couldn't resist as it can hold so many pairs!!! 
Anyway there's nothing stopping me from spray painting it black. ;)

Some of you might recognise all the way from my Autumn Wishlist but I've finally decided to get it! I'm going to have to set the 2nd face to London time during the Olympics so I won't miss Tom Daley in action.

 This was a bit of a random purchase but it was $2.99! I love the neon and scuba material look, I regret not buying another one in the pink because now I have to decide whether this becomes my exercise crop or my layering top. 

This was actually my brother's purchase (how trendy of him) but I'm definitely going to steal this on days I feel a bit boyish.

I still need to go thrifting for more vintage storage pieces, make curtains, go to ikea for frames and possibly get an add-on shelf for my desk! So to whoever asked me on tumblr ages ago to do a room tour, I haven't forgotten about you!! I will try to get that done and up when this all arrives and I've done redecorating. :)


  1. wtf why would you do this to me now i need to go shopping for homewares

    1. hahah UO is the way to go. not expensive because of the exchange rate. ;)