Copper DIYs

 I drove (yesss) to Bunnings the other day and I found more wicked copper plumbing bits. The whole lot only cost me about $5 which amazing since they're so different to what's available at the usual craft stores and I have 3 DIYs using them.

 The compression olives (I'm guessing that's what they're called) were about $3 and it came in a pack of 10; 5 copper rings and 5 nylon rings.

 The 20mm pack is the perfect size for your fingers and since there are so many they're stackable!

 For the capillary elbow, I just chucked it on a black ribbon. I think it's the perfect piece on a plain white top or for layering with other necklaces.

 Since the capillary tee is such a unique piece, I thought that it would be a great foundation for a statement necklace. 

 I first slid the tee onto a gold chain and then pulled the chain through the bottom of the tee.

 I found the middle of the chain; very important otherwise your necklace will be lopsided! and then used a jump ring to loop a rose pink tassel onto the chain.

 The finished product of the tee necklace against my very dirty wall. 
Obviously you can use any coloured tassel but I think the pink and the copper go very well together. 

And there we have 3 DIYs for next to nothing!

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