A Big Ramble

Today I did NOTHING I planned to do. 
My to-do list included writing up half my marketing notes, doing three practice statistic papers and summarising my contract laws notes. Instead I watched crappy daytime tv, did nothing productive internet-wise and made a tiramisu. (This technically counts as a DIY right? It's Gordon Ramsay's recipe, or so the site says... link here it's a winner)

So as per usual, I went on my daily routine of checking all my favourites' blogs and I saw Love Aesthetics's LIFE | Good Fucking (Design) Advice post! The people at Good Fucking Design Advice have been giving advice to designers since 2010 but being a first year uni student without the comfort of being spoon-fed notes by my high school teachers, I felt that their advice applies just as much. 

They support abandoning fear, trusting in yourself, honoring and supporting others, not procrastinating (ha!) and raising the standards. I feel that all the above are applicable in my studies and my everyday life in general. This year I've forced myself to start conversations with complete strangers in my lectures (something that going to a tiny all-girl school didn't prepare me for), made myself go to every single class (whether I slept in them or not isn't important hahah) and gave myself much higher standards than I had back in high school (no more "don't worry they'll scale us up"). I know I didn't do much today, I feel that this year I've begun to pick myself up and started to balance my life out. I don't know what happened, maybe there's something about being 18... 

I know finals are near (or now for us unlucky ones), so if you're feeling sluggish or unmotivated like I did today, print out their pledge for some Helvetica-fonted empowerment!

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  1. "don't worry they'll scale us up" - story of our year 12 life