DIY Whiteboard / To Do List

 So this whiteboard frame has actually been on my to-do list for a while now. I've been doing lots of home decor-ish DIYs and we've got another one!

 You will need:
Any old photo frame + the glass
Spray paint / paint 
Whiteboard Markers!! (which I forgot)

I chose black for the spray paint because I've noticed that my room has been getting a bit too white, too sterile for my liking.
I also tried to find a frame that has a bit of detail so it'll catch the light and not look too flat.

 Paint the frame with 1 or 2 even coats and let it dry.

 Then I whipped up my to-do list on word because I'm pathetic at photoshop.
Note the clock; how cute / tacky of me.

Print it out, cut to size, slide it into your frame and you've got yourself a snazzy to-do list that might actually encourage you to get things done!
I would write "buy markers" on my list... if I any to begin with.

I really need to get myself sorted.

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