Ballet Pointe Flats

In addition to the Chloe & Monki shoes from my En Pointe post, I've seen more and more flats inspired by actual ballet pointe shoes like these from Urban Outfitters. So finally here's my DIY version!

You will need:
Ballet Flats - $20
Matching Thread
4 x 50cm Ribbon
Candle / Lighter; any sort of flame

I got my flats from Rubi Shoes which I recommend for this DIY because they have the loop at the heel & the elastic trim around the shoe which makes this DIY a lot easier. 
*The ribbon should be thin enough to fit through the loop and the thread should match the elastic trim.

Firstly, light a candle and slowly bring the each ribbon end close to the open flame. The edge will start to melt so you'll need to move the ribbon back and forth to seal it. Altogether you'll need to seal all 8 edges and make sure all the ends are cool and no longer tacky before you touch them.

Try on the flat and carefully pin the ribbon to where the top of the arch of your foot meets the shoe (or alternatively just pin the ribbon to the middle of the elastic trim).
Also you'll need to thread the needle.

 Leaving the pin in the ribbon, start sewing the ribbon onto the elastic trim from the inside, in a cross pattern. 

Once it's secure enough, slide the needle off and tie the loose ends of the thread.
By leaving the pin in, the stitches will be loose enough to allow the elastic to stretch when you wear it.

This is what it'll look like on the outside, the thread will be hardly noticeable from afar.

Repeat all the steps on the opposite side of the flats, making sure that they match. If you're in doubt of where to sew the ribbon, pin it and try it on first.

And repeat all the above steps with the other shoe!

Lastly, thread the ribbons through the loop, making sure that the ribbons go through without twisting.

 And there you have it!

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  1. i've been lusting over those chloe ones. this is such a great idea! :)

    xo alicia