Ombre Jewelry Display Stand

Borrowing the idea from Weddings and Cookies' Cookie Stand DIY, I made myself a white-to-clear ombre stand for all my bracelets and bangles. (Hopefully you can somewhat see the ombre effect in the mirror!)
 I don't mind the look of the stand being complete white but I think the glass of the candlestick makes it stand out and look a bit more expensive than it is.
You could do all sorts of shapes and sizes, mix and match to store all your rings, nail polishes, lipsticks etc!

 You will need:
Plate; ones with interesting detail turn out well
Candlestick; preferably one with a flat top so it'll be easier to glue

Glossy White Spray Paint

 Apply superglue to the top of the candlestick

Wait until the superglue has turned tacky before turning over and gluing to the center of the plate.

 Start spray painting!

To create the ombre effect, just avoid aiming the spray paint directly at the candlestick and loose particles of paint will gather at the top of the candlestick anyway
After that's dried, turn it over and spray paint the the other side.
If you're worried about getting paint on the bottom, wrap it up in newspaper

And you should be left with this!

If you're going to use this as a cake stand, you'll want to seal the spray paint with some sort of sealant but if you're using it for non-food purposes, you're done!!

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