Winter Wishlist

Due to lack of inspiration and the fact that it's 31st of May, I decided to do my, now seasonal, wishlist!!
I'm really excited for winter, (snow please?) but I'm definitely not looking forward to all the assessments, presentations and my finals which will drain the life out of me over the next 2 weeks.
My posts will slow down between now and then but I have an amazing 6 weeks off after that so I will definitely make it up.
Sylvie Wool Coat | Forever New

Mirabelle Fur Stole Coat | Forever New

Floral Blazer | Topshop

Silent Smoke Leggings | Lovely Sally

Annie Shopper | Marcs

Union Jack Wellies | Topshop
In celebration on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee of course

And aside from all these also I'm loving the blouses and bag by H&M for Water and these black pair Jellybeans...
Inappropriate for Australia right now but perfect for all you who are welcoming summer.


  1. how have i not stumbled upon lovelysally before?! lurve the laotian dusk leggings :'(

    1. I know! I only found them yesterday. So much cheaper than blackmilk even if you include shipping and they're from Italy!