I've got a trip to the hairdressers in a month-ish(?), I know it's a long time away but better to be prepared right?
I've been growing out my fringe and "layers" for a least a year now but the other day I realised that I can't even remember what I did it for. It's so straight and boring; it actually has no shape. I'm really liking Lara Bingle and Miranda Kerr's tousled medium length hair here. But I don't think I do well with a middle parting, tried it, hated it (on me, well at the time my face was round...), got over it. But maybe I can give it another go? Also I don't know how well I can handle the chop.. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Miranda Kerr | Got Celeb
I also love how good she looks with highlights; I would probably look like I was still stuck in the 90s with that.

I know this was a bit of an odd post, but I think it's much easier to think clearly when you thoughts are down in print, don't you?
And just for DIYs sake, Miranda's cropped knit can definitely be DIYed with some snipping and some sewing ;)

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  1. yessss!!! do it!
    I've been wanting that medium length hair too but too scared to do it, love the look!