Wall Art

 During my big clean out, I found a small pile of really pretty wrapping papers & posters I've had for a while. They're not big enough to cover books so I thought, why not turn them into wall art?

 I found these horribly painted canvases in my room. I probably thought I was really artistic when I was 10, I'm like a cross between Rothko and Pollock....

 Anyway, back to business! I cut out a piece of wrapping paper (it was the centerfold of an ancient issue of Yen) just about an inch frame around the canvas.

 I used the canvas itself to fold creases into the paper and I cut parallel to one side to create a flap.

 I folded the flap of the paper into the corner and over the height of the canvas. (It's a bit like wrapping a present)

 I originally was going to glue it all down, but I decided to just use lots of sticky tape so I can change it whenever I get sick of looks at the same prints.

Finished product!!

 Top Left: Brian Scweitzer quote from a Sportsgirl catalogue; "I challenge you to be dreamers; I challenger you to be doers and let us make the greatest place in the world even better"

Top Right: Ripped a page out of RUSSH; Irina shot by Stacey Mark

Bottom Left: Wallpaper from Yen

Bottom Right: Calendar print from an old issue of Frankie

This is just my favourite 

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