Quick Trip to Glebe Markets

I finally got around to going to Glebe Markets because it was very close to my exam centre today. It had a pretty chill vibe with heaps of hip looking 20 year olds sitting in circles, smoking mysterious substances.
The gold chain necklace is too nice!!

A crappy photo of these genuine worn doc martens. Too bad they were too big for me.

Graphic shirts for the boys.

Amazingly detailed one-off leather purses

Creepy evil-eye bracelets

The delicious hand-made candles by Tanya at Squink! There was cinnamon vanilla, strawberry shortcake, coconut & lime... They are all unique with some in plain tumblers, some in crystal and some in these beautiful teacups. She told me that the melted soy wax can be used as massage oil or hand moisturiser; I can still smell the perfume on my hand!!

An amazing metal coin-purse kinda-like pouch, shame the clasp sprung back open everytime I tried to close it. 

I buy too many useless gems; I have polished amethyst, quartz and a blue thunderegg sitting on my desk. But that didn't stop me from buying another two of the turquoise/purple gems.

(A really bad photo of) Pipes!

My pine-lime-ade, hand-shaken in a cocktail mixer!

I bought 2 tiny candles from Squink; creme brulee for $4 & lychee bomb for $5. I really wanted to buy a teacup one but they were too heavy for me to carry home. ):

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