Crystal Clear - Wah Wah

These pieces are from Wah Wah, created by Sydney / New York based designer, Anna McKeon.
Their About section simply shows 10 words which encapsulate what the pieces are all about;
clashing / fusion
clean shapes / mixed metals
contrast / balance
beauty / strength

You can evidently see these characteristics in all of these stunning pieces:

ISIS III bracelet- $110
Crosses! What's not to love?

SUNNA bracelet
I love how the silver chain and circle face makes this look like a watch. Also the perspex allows the bracelet to be personalised by your own skin colour.

STAR pendant - $88
My favourite piece; I can only imagine how gorgeous this is in the sun.

SOL cuff - $160
This piece reminds me of Ivana's Cuffs but I love the extra detail of the gold nuts/screws.

SOLO necklace - $160
I love the tribal feel the splayed out acrylic shapes give and look at how delicate and simple the hook is.

Most of the pieces and more are available at the shop, here.

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