White Roses

During this VC Week, I've been spending a lot of time cleaning, re-organising and decorating my room. I decided that I need some more grown-up touches, so I made this white bouquet & vase display. I only chose white as it matched my cream coloured room but I saw some beautiful fake black & dark red roses which would look good in a living room space. (Also this is a 100% budget DIY, it cost me $20 altogether and I got most of it from one home store)

 You will need:
A vase
2 x 1m ribbon in complimenting colours

 2 matching bunches of fake white roses

 1 bunch of fake assorted white flowers
1 fake fern

 You'll need to spread the individual stems apart to make the bouquet look bigger & more lush

 I noticed that the leaves were all over the place so I pushed them all as high as they would go so more of the green will poke out from the vase

 You can start the arranging!
I put the two matching bunches in first

 Followed by the assorted one out at the front and the fern right at the back to frame the whole display

 I finished off the display with a bow.
I looped the two ribbons so I'll have a two toned bow.

 (Back view)

To create the perfect bow, the trick is to do the bow upside down

 So I pulled the white ribbon from under the pink ribbon (instead of over like how you would normal tie your shoelaces)

Trim the ends of the ribbon (details, details!) 
Done! I love how the ribbon matches my perfumes (purely accidental!)


  1. what perfumes do you own?

    1. I have tommy girl & eternity moment. :) I'm lusting after viktor & rolf's flowerbomb & chloe though.