Best $6 I Have Ever Spent

I visited my local Vinnies today and I'm so pleased with what I managed to get for only $6!!
I think Vinnies is my favourite op shop because unlike the other ones, their prices haven't been hiked up recently.

I got one half of an yin yang ring for $1. I love it because it didn't come with the other half which makes me wonder who has it? 

For $2, I got 2 raw chunks of Brazilian amethyst complete with it's own display box and protective sponge.

I've thrown it into my tiny shrine along with my candles, teal thunderegg and polished quartz.
(I got the sugar rose tigerlily candle from MOR for $15 at Myer, it's smells absolutely amazing!)

And the most expensive item was this $3 jar which I suspect was once a lolly jar. It's perfect for all my nailpolishes; now I don't have to scrounge around looking for them.

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  1. Such a fabulous deal! I love giant glass jars for displaying everyday items... it serves as both decor & storage! Love the ring! I'm a bit of a collector & a ring as cute, & as well-priced, as that treasure is a find! xo, Megs