Pink Ombre Jumper

 Inspired by my previous post about Gradient Trends, here is my ombre jumper!

 You will need:
Fabric Dye
Jumper / Any item of clothing (Beware of the material and check first with the dye instructions to see if the fabric is suitable, the jumper I used was 100% acrylic which was not recommended. whoops!)

 So following the instructions on the packet, I submerged half my jumper into hot water. 
(yes, that is a broken sink!)

I added a spoon of dye into the water.
(I poured all the dye into the container and divided it roughly into thirds; one spoon was a third)

Mix the dye until it dissolved. 

Submerge half the jumper into the dye for approximately 8 minutes

Added another spoon of dye and stirred it until it dissolved completely

Lifted a third of the dyed section out of the water & left it for another 8-10 minutes

Repeated the previous two steps

I rinsed the whole jumper with water until it ran clear then air dried it in the sun.

All done!! A gradient jumper, ready for winter!


  1. Best. tutorial. ever ! I will be doing this very soon :) x So thanks :D

  2. thanks love! hope you post up your results!! :)