2 New Necklaces (Without the Commitment!)

Part I
You will need:
Simple collar necklace
Hollywood Tape
50cm of ribbon (I used 1cm wide navy velvet ribbon)

Snip off a tiny bit of tape, stick it onto the ribbon and peel the backing off

Using the double-sided tape, stick it to the back of the collar

Wind the ribbon around the necklace

Use another piece of tape to secure the ribbon.
(Make sure the ends are hidden on the back of the necklace!)

And you're done!!

 Part II
Ages ago, I made this purply-maroon bow tie from a spare piece of velvet
(I hand-sewed a pillow-like rectangle with the velvet
then used a 1 cm thick piece of  the fabric, to create the bow shape)

I simply used another piece of double-sided tape to stick it onto the collar necklace.

 This has led me to wonder why we don't use Hollywood tape more? It's so versatile; it holds in place when it needs to and peels easily when you want to take it off! Wonder product? Yes.

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