Collar Studs & Drape Chain

This was my inspiration which I've seen this floating around tumblr recently.
It's a bit gangsta and chic, a bit like LDR.
The skull is sewn on but I thought of a much less permanent and quicker way doing it.

You will need:
Any type of stud earrings, both from Lovisa (You could use pearl studs, diamonds, crosses, skulls!..)
Chain (I used an old bracelet which is the perfect length, approx. 18cm)
And a collared shirt
Pierce the collar with the stud earrings
Hook the chain onto the post
Secure the stud with an earring backing
And that's it!!

Here I swapped the studs for my favourite unicorn & cat studs.


  1. <3<3 this!!
    What uni did you get into?
    are you still studying fashion ??

    1. thanks love!
      I got into UTS but I decided to be boring and safe so I'm studying business right now. :)
      How about you?

  2. STOP IT! You got into UTS but didn't do the course!!!!
    I didn't get the marks but that's ok I am aiming to get into rmit in melbourne next year. I move to London in literally a week. Pretty nervous.
    Goodluck with uni babe, you have so much potential in fashion design though.

    1. oh I wasn't going to do fashion, I was going to do industrial design but I decided in the end that it's not really for me right now. also my business course is only 3 years so I can get it over and done with hahhah
      wow London! I'm so excited and jealous of you! You've got the best markets and shops! I'm hoping to do exchange at Uni of Westminister in 3rd year so fingers crossed.
      thanks love, I'm looking forward to seeing posts from London!! :)