Skulls & Crosses Bracelet

The inspiration for my skull & crosses bracelet.
(You can always use a longer chain and make a necklace instead!)

You'll need:
chain bracelet, I personally like the bar & loop clasps
skull beads
cross charms
jump rings
headpins with a flat circle bottom
chain tassel
pliers (I couldn't find my needle-nose pliers)

1. Loop the cross charm into a jump ring with pliers
2. Attach the jump rings with the charm onto the bracelet
3. Thread the headpin through the skull and cut the wire about 0.8cm above the top of the skull
4. Using the pliers, form a closed loop

5. Attach a jump ring to the closed loop and attach to the chain

6. Continue adding the crosses and skulls, evenly spaced apart

7. Attach the tassel to the loop closure with a jump ring
(8. I sneakily added 2 crosses to the end of the chain)

Done! Another addition to my silver arm party!

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