RUSSH cover

 Throughout high school, I always got my notebooks late so I never really had the time to pretty them up and I was always stuck with clear contact. (Except for year 11 when I bothered to cover them with the free Frankie bookwrap)
So anyway, for uni, I decided to jazz up my ugly business notebooks with pictures from RUSSH

You will need:

 (I found that RUSSH is the exact same size as my notebooks because it's just a little big bigger than other magazines like Frankie and Yen)

I found that the easiest way to get a clean cut is running scissors down the spine lightly

Glue it on!
This reminds me of being in primary school

Contact it!
(No trimming the sides needed, it's a perfect size)

Done! I tried going for a relaxed, summery kinda feel.
Doesn't Business look 1000x more fun?

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