Hair Chain; 5 Ways

I was inspired by this sleek adorned ponytail and since it's so simple, I thought, "DIY!"

You will need:
chain of any kind (I used a thin gold chain) (18, 23, 33, 43 cm)
2 matching coloured jump rings
2 bobby pins

Loop the chain onto the jump ring in order of length.

Repeat, but in reverse order.

Loop the jump ring through the 2 bobby pins.

And you're done!!
I found 5 ways you could wear the chain.
Here I pushed all my hair to one side and pinned it.

I looped the longest chain around my neck and wore it as a delicate necklace

As I was taking off my necklace, I stumbled upon this harness-like headpiece.

Here I pinned two sections of my front parting at the back.
And of course, you can wear it in a ponytail like the original inspiration.
Isn't it so versatile??

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