March Purchases

Just a round up of some of the things I bought this month, with a few coming in the mail soon!
American Flag Sleeveless Blouse from Passion
(Paired with a Collar Necklace from H&M)

High-waisted vintage Wrangler corduroy shorts from C's Flashback

Dotty Knit from Dotti (haha)

I cut off all the dots because they looked a bit silly on me.
(The pink at the bottom is due to lighting but funnily enough, I think I will be dip-dying the bottom pink)
2 Half Moon Brooches from Cheap Monday at General Pants
(They were on sale for $6 each from $20, and when I got to the counter, they charged me $6 for the 2!! Turns out the accessories were buy one, get one free!)

My friend, Tiffany and I managed to basket $100 worth of stuff from American Apparel so we could get free shipping. I'm so excited, they should be coming soon!
I ordered the Liquid Copper Skirt from my Copper Tones post

and the Cities Bag from my Wishlist which I'm going to use as my uni bag!

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